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S-parts Titanium Titanium Screws Vespa Primavera Sprint 150

S-parts Titanium Titanium Screws Vespa Primavera Sprint 150

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  • Rustproof: A-grade TC4 titanium alloy material, corrosion-resistant, no rust.
  • Level 10.9: Equivalent to 10.9 grade steel screws. (Only for TC4 material products)
  • Vacuum nitriding & Anodizing: Using "Vacuum nitriding" or "anodizing" coloring process, the color is gorgeous and not easy to change color
  • This product is made of high-quality A-grade titanium alloy material, which is corrosion-resistant and high-strength. Processing is difficult and expensive. It is mostly used in the aerospace field, or international events such as F1 and motorcycle GP.

    Pure titanium: low strength and low price. It is suitable for equipment that does not require strength and only meets anti-corrosion requirements
    Recovery/secondary smelting titanium: inferior quality, low price. There is no security.

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