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S-PARTS Titanium Alloy Gear Transmission Screws for SRAM RED and FORCE 22-Speed Mechanical Systems

S-PARTS Titanium Alloy Gear Transmission Screws for SRAM RED and FORCE 22-Speed Mechanical Systems

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Product Features


  1. Material: Made from high-strength titanium alloy, offering excellent corrosion resistance and lightweight characteristics.
  2. Compatibility: Designed specifically for SRAM RED and FORCE 22-speed road mechanical shifting systems, ensuring perfect compatibility.
  3. Components: The set includes all necessary screws for easy installation and replacement.
  4. Performance Enhancement: Titanium alloy not only reduces weight but also improves the durability and reliability of the transmission system.
  5. Appearance: The exquisite titanium alloy surface finish enhances the aesthetic appeal of the bicycle.

Installation and Maintenance


  • Installation: The screw set is easy to install, with an accompanying installation guide. It is recommended to have the installation done by a professional mechanic or an experienced cyclist.
  • Maintenance: Regularly check the screws for tightness to avoid loosening. Additionally, applying a small amount of anti-rust oil can extend the service life.

Application Range

  • Road Bicycles: Primarily suitable for high-end road bicycles, especially those equipped with SRAM RED and FORCE 22-speed shifting systems.
  • Upgrades and Modifications: Ideal for cyclists looking to upgrade and modify their bicycles, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Purchase Recommendations

When choosing this titanium alloy screw set, ensure that your shifting system model is compatible with SRAM RED and FORCE 22-speed mechanical versions. Although titanium alloy screws are relatively expensive due to the material and manufacturing process, the performance enhancement and durability they provide are well worth the investment.

For additional questions about installation, compatibility, or maintenance, consult a professional bike shop or the product's after-sales service team.

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