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S-PARTS A3 M6 Electric Motorcycle Umbrella Head D15 Titanium Screw

S-PARTS A3 M6 Electric Motorcycle Umbrella Head D15 Titanium Screw

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  • Rustproof: A-grade TC4 titanium alloy material, corrosion-resistant, no rust.
  • Level 10.9: Equivalent to 10.9 grade steel screws. (Only for TC4 material titanium alloy products)
  • Vacuum nitriding & Anodizing: Using "Vacuum nitriding" or "anodizing" coloring process, the color is gorgeous and not easy to change color

The screw head is forged by "650 degree" high temperature. And specially customized S-PARTS exclusive Logo stamping die. Each mold is used no more than 3oo times to ensure the accuracy and strength of the tool groove

Power:Titanium Alloy: high quality class A titanium alloy, corrosion resistance and high strengt Processing is difficult and expensive. It's mostly used in aerospace,or for F1, motorcycle GP and other international events.

Pure Titanium: low strength, low price. It is applicable to the equipment that does not require strength but only meets the requirements of corrosion protection.Recycled / Remelted Titanium: inferior, low price. No security.

Light:Steel  Titanium Aluminum * Under the same specifications, the weight is about half of that of steel screws, close to that of aluminum screws


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