Enhance Your New SRAM RED AXS with Titanium Alloy Screws

Enhance Your New SRAM RED AXS with Titanium Alloy Screws

The newly launched SRAM RED AXS groupset offers remarkable upgrades such as reduced weight, improved ergonomics, and smoother, more reliable shifting. Our titanium alloy screws are designed to be fully compatible with these components, taking performance even further.

Why Choose Titanium Alloy Screws?

  • Weight Reduction: Titanium is lighter than steel, further decreasing the overall weight of your bike.
  • Strength and Durability: Titanium's superior strength and corrosion resistance ensure longevity and reliable performance.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Lighter screws improve braking control and shifting precision.

Benefits for SRAM RED AXS Components

Brakes: Our titanium screws enhance the new ergonomic design and braking power, reducing the risk of brake pad rub. Check out our SRAM RED AXS Brake Kit.

Shifting System: Experience quicker, more precise shifts thanks to the reduced mass of the derailleurs when using our titanium screws. Explore our Titanium Derailleur Gear Screws for the SRAM RED AXS.

Durability: Titanium’s corrosion resistance ensures your screws and components withstand the elements, reducing maintenance.

Seamless Compatibility with SRAM RED AXS

Our screws are designed to be a direct fit for the new SRAM RED AXS groupset, ensuring easy installation and optimal performance.

Specific Titanium Screw Upgrades

Hand Control Unit:

  • Oil Injection Hole Screws ×2, Torque: 2Nm
  • Clamp Ring Fixing Screws ×2, Torque: 6-8Nm
  • Oil Pipe Screws ×2, Torque: 7Nm

Front Derailleur:

  • High Limit Screw H ×1, Torque: 0.3Nm
  • Low Limit Screw L ×1, Torque: 10.3Nm
  • Fixing Screw + Washer ×1, Torque: 6.5Nm

Rear Derailleur:

  • Tension Screw ×1, Torque: 10.3Nm
  • Fixing Axle ×1, Torque: 11Nm
  • Guide Wheel Screw A ×1, Torque: 3.5Nm
  • High Limit Screw H ×1, Torque: 0.3Nm
  • Low Limit Screw L ×1, Torque: 10.3Nm
  • Guide Wheel Screw B ×1, Torque: 4Nm


  • DUB Crank Cap Assembly ×1, Torque: 54Nm
  • Crank Arm Screws ×8, Torque: 4.5Nm

Disc Brakes:

  • Pad Pins ×2, Torque: 2.5Nm
  • Oil Plug Screw ×1, Torque: 15.5Nm
  • Caliper Body Screws ×4, Torque: 10-12Nm
  • Rear Caliper Fixing Screws ×2, Torque: 7Nm

Installation Tips

  • Ensure each screw is torqued to the manufacturer's specifications to avoid over-tightening.
  • Periodically check screws to ensure they remain tight and secure.

Upgrade your SRAM RED AXS groupset with our titanium alloy screws to enjoy a lighter, stronger, and more reliable ride. Embrace the future of cycling performance with our advanced materials and feel the difference in every ride.

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